Chalo Chai Latte

Chalo Chai Latte

So how do you prepare this true Hug in a Mug?

Preparation time: 2 Minutes


Take 1 flat tablespoon of Chalo Chai Latte and put it in a trendy mug.

Add 10 cl of hot water and stir.

Now add 5 cl of milk of your preference. Hasty Chalito's are better of using with non-chilled milk. The others we advice to heat the milk for a short while or go for a foamed version...

Sweety pies finish with a cinnamon touch, spicy Chalito's use black pepper.

Enjoy your Hug in a Mug!!!

chalo chai on black background1


  • Black Pepper 639*475
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom
  • Lemongrass.jpg
  • Ginger
  • assortiment_chai_starterskit.png