Chalo launches a variety of Funky Feel Good Food-products.

We want to inspire people to eat healthier and discover ingredients & recipes from other cultures & climates.

As our first product line, Chalo launches the delicious and world famous hot drink, Indian Chai Latte. We serve you the real authentic recipe and the story of its discoverers.


The Chalo-products only contain natural ingredients. Additives are so outdated, so we can not start using them now!


Everybody deserves the opportunity and support to develop themselves. That's why Chalo has an extensive partnership with a social enterprise.

Moreover, Chalo donates a part of the revenue to charity in India. We support an existing charity in Kolkata and in September we'll be travelling to the tea plantations in India to visit some charity projects. Of course we'll keep you posted through our blog posts!


Chalo has set up partnership with a sustainable delivery-service. They make sure that your order is delivered as green and as fast as possible. Transport costs tend to be excessive, so Chalo rewards Chalitos for placing green and sustainable orders!

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