Chalo won the SCA Award for Best New Product Specialty Beverage!

Chalo won the SCA Award for Best New Product Specialty Beverage!

Chalo Chai of Belgian Chalo won an award for Best New Product

Last Tuesday the Chai product line was given the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association, the worldwide professional organisation for coffee) Award for The Best New Specialty Beverage by World of Coffee, the coffee fair in Europe. This approval from the professional market is of enormous value for the Belgian company. Co-founder Gita Van den Boer: “The fact that we won with this surprising new concept in the Best New Product category is the crowning glory for our work.” Chalo’s Chai is the versatile, funky alternative to coffee. Less caffeine, and a lot more spiciness. Chalo’s Chai products are made according to a traditional recipe from India, Van den Boer’s country of birth.

Conquering Europe

Why is Chalo Chai the best new product in Europe? We know! The Belgian chai producer Chalo respects the original traditional Indian recipe: strong black tea from Assam, India, and the right mix of Indian spices ensuring the characteristic spicy aftertaste. For this purpose Chalo uses only natural ingredients. It is the only way to obtain a tea which Indians perfected as early as centuries ago and still love to drink a lot of every day. And nowadays it’s obviously enjoyed not only by Indians. The Belgian start-up Chalo is well on its way to conquering all of Europe with its five funky chai lattes from India. Having this splendid award for the Chai products means this conquest will just go even faster.

Variety galore

Chalo Chai Latte is not only unique because of the authentic tea recipe. The presentation is also special. The new tea brand is sold as instant powder, without milk. Therefore you just have to add hot water and you choose the type of milk you add, such as soya or coconut milk. Ideal for people with lactose intolerance who can therefore still enjoy a Chai Latte. So drink your Chai as you like it, warm or cold. Also perfectly suitable for combining with chai-based dishes, for example mixed with banana or a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. There are endless variations with Chalo Chai and that is also why it’s the best new product in Europe!

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