Chalo certified organic by Certisys

Chalo certified organic by Certisys

Hi Chalito's,

As you may have heard, we are working very hard to launch 3 brand new product ranges.

Under the Guilty and Proud category, we'll bring our Funky Chunks, sweet snacks based on bakery seeds, nuts and dried fruits. These are the perfect alternative for the biscuits besides the coffee.

In the Happy 'n Healthy range we are about to launch Salty Peas. These are a very original alternative for chips at apero time based on pulses. Last but not least we will start selling six fine organic blends of pulses, wholegrains and superfoods. Directly sourced from the farmers throughout the whole world, right on to your plate.

CERTISYS is an inspection and certification body specialised in organic products. They operate in Belgium and Luxembourg, and globally via the CertiBioNet network. Certisys certifies not only European, national and regional organic farming systems, but also private specifications such as Biogarantie® and Ecogarantie®.

With this certificate we're able to implement the Certisys certifation label immediately on our products what gives us a head start launching them!

Of course we'll keep you updated on the product development and launch date!

Funky regards,


The Chalo Team